I. N. Newkirk

Messenger of Peace--August 1907

A Fish That Eats the Minnows

The "order" man's ideals are perfect--with him order is order. Nothing escapes his notice. The slightest error disturbs his rest, and the zeal of the Lord hath eaten him up; and he cannot endure the scandal upon the Lord's house. He espouses the cause of a faction in harmony with himself, and no argument is heard that will change his opinion, or a fact drawn out that will reverse his decision. He and his party are right and all others are wrong.

He is easily won by those that flatter him and adopt his opinions and approve his actions. He will credit any rumor that supports him and reject all testimony that contradicts his view. The Lord is on his side of every issue, and his party are the "little few," and thus he will talk year in and year out interminably through the conflict.

This is the man that must have order in the churches. His robes are too clean and white to approach a poor pilgrim on his way to Jerico, to pull a sheep out of the mire on the Sabbath day, or to converse with the woman at the well in Samaria. His name is Simon, with whom the Lord dined one day when the woman under the table washed his feet with tears and wiped them with the hairs of her head, and Simon condemned the Lord for allowing her to do so. You will know him by always finding him at the head of some fractional part of the church, causing divisions and exclusions. Brother Cash, if this does not suit your publication, throw it away.

I. N. Newkirk


Brother Newkirk, that just suits our publication, and we have been trying to point out that fellow for a long time, and we are glad to have you "spot" him so plainly. He is alive and doing business all over the country wherever he can find an opening, and making an opening if possible where he is not invited. We pray that the Lord may save us from ever falling into his course-ED.

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