"The DaVinci Code builds upon the previous book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, as if it were absolute truth and accepted as more authoritative than any Biblical account of anything, including the resurrection of Jesus Christ. "


Brother John Gassaway

     You might ask what Freemasonry and the Vatican have to do with this subject. I think it may be profound. It is a fact that there are more than a few Cardinals within the Vatican this very day who deny the divinity of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. Pope Paul VI stated once that the "smoke of Satan has already entered the Vatican." The fact that popes since Paul VI and John Paul I have tried to free the Vatican of Freemasonry must mean that other popes believe this. I believe at the core of the anti-Christ secular publishers are the connections with Freemasonry and the huge success of books of the type of Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The DaVinci Code are at least in part due to the heavy influence that Freemasonry has on the publication and movie industries.

     John Paul I was murdered because he had on his desk the morning he was murdered, the plans to eradicate Freemasons from the Vatican that day. That included the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Vilot, who probably administered the poisoning of John Paul. It also included a large number of Cardinals, the corrupt head of the Vatican Bank, Paul Marcinkus and a large group of Italian Mafiosi better known as the P2 Masonic Lodge. In turn the P2 was under control of the KGB at the top by its grand master, a KGB agent. The political war between communism and fascism in Italy has gone on for decades and it reaches the highest level of Italian politics as well as the Vatican. John Paul II was primarily targeted by the KGB because of his anti-communist fervor and that assassination attempt may well have had additional connections with the P2 Masonic Lodge meddling inside the Vatican. [In God's Name by David Yallop).

     While it claims a very “moral” and “God-based” center, Freemasonry is a dichotomy. Freemasonry claims to be firmly rooted in solid faith in “a supreme being” and even requires that their initiates have a belief in a “supreme being.” But they substitute various moral performances for Christian discipleship. While many of its initiates would claim to be Christian, they are taught at every level to water down some aspects of their Christian belief and adhere to a generic faith in a “supreme being,” a being unnamed and undefined until the initiate reaches levels of masonry where he no longer has a firm hold on any elements of his former Christian faith.

     That is the influence of the “secret” within the Vatican and remnants of the old Ternplar cult through Freemasonry. While not all Masonic orders do so, many hold to the Rosicrucian tenets that include a denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ. The only reference to Christianity and Jesus Christ you will find in the Masonic manuals and oaths was an 1868 revision by perhaps their most regaled leader in the past, Albert Pike, and his de-christianisation, of the rituals. The committee to prepare and compile rituals removed all references to Jesus Christ, Christianity or any god other than the “Great Architect” in the “blue” Craft Masonry conducted in the lodges. [The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight].

     Only after joining the fourth degree Royal Arch does the initiate learn the secret name for God and even then he is so conditioned to think in allegory that he will only see the name as "just another name for God." Still the name of Jesus Christ is not only absent, but forbidden. That the Lodge is involved in "doublespeak" is made evident by General Albert Pike's comments in 1873 that the new initiation rituals "sickened" him because of its pagan content, he having been the one who expunged Christian content from the Scottish Rite rituals in 1868! Only those who are very discerning of the occult can see through the facade to the top. I have no idea how serious the belief in the occult is at the very top. Very few know, even Masons. The fact that the Scottish Rite had its beginning in the occult through the cult of Mary Magdalene within the Knights Ternplar is evidence enough that it rejected Jesus Christ as divine and saw more importance in the relics of Christianity than in the beliefs. [The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight].

     You know that today, it is almost a necessity for an "up and coming man" to be a Mason, the higher the better. That is a talisman of honor. Whatever they do benevolently in the world, they cause men to swear secrecy to things that they don't even know yet. They are supposed to await the “secret" and as they learn it, they are to keep silent. That is the worst of slavery, the slavery of the mind. It is one thing if the secret turns out to be some ridiculous right of passage like killing some chickens or eating a worm or a goldfish. The secret is much more profound and it is based on Gnosticism and the worst of Eastern mysticism and profoundly antichristian in the final analysis. Only the masons in the orders above the third degree have been initiated into the ultimate belief. There may be varying procedures from Lodge to Lodge but from the beginning, it appears that Jesus Christ is conspicuously absent from any of their rituals, "songs" and other oaths. They swear allegiance to the "Great Architect" who is left undefined so as to allow young Christian initiates a false notion that they are just saying God Almighty under a different name. That is not the case. What awaits the few who make it to the 33rd degree level is only guesswork but what is at the lower levels indicates that it is diabolical. [The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight].

     Primitive Baptists have a prohibition against secret orders and oaths and this is just an example of a good reason for such rules. I am strictly speaking here of the Priori and the Scottish Rite, who appear to be an arm of the Priori holding to this heresy of a nonresurrected Christ and a bloodline from Him through Mary Magdalene. They aim to use this "secret" to destroy Christianity and to elevate the Merovingian line back to worldly power but not just France now, instead the whole world. The "explanation" of this secret and the claim that it is historical is at the center of the message of Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The DaVinci Code. I am not speaking to condemn good-hearted men who are members of the Scottish Rite organization for benevolent reasons and do not "know" or ascribe to the secrets of the highest order.

     Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The DaVinci Code prop up the pagan foundations of Knights Templar and I don't think it is a coincidence. At the heart of the heresy is this "secret" and the secret is held by the Lodge at the highest levels. Holy Blood, Holy Grail best tells the sordid and false story. The interesting thing is that to someone who KNOWS their Bible, ALL their (HBHG) "facts" about the Gospels looked like they might have spent a couple of hours reading them and much less trying to understand what they meant. They spent years researching the historical facts of medieval history and the movement of the tribe of Benjamin and the Zarahite kings to central Europe. They also spent much time tracing the migration of the Bethany household (Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and Mary Magdalene) into southern France, as well as the Diaspora in 70 AD and migrations of Jews into southern France. I have previously written about all this in one of the sections of The Lost Tribes. The material of Holy Blood, Holy Grail is almost certainly used by the authors of The DaVinci Code and that is why The DaVinci Code is quite compelling IF you don't know what is being foisted upon you as a Christian. I have submitted adequate information on the Defense of the Resurrection.

     The DaVinci Code builds upon the previous book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, as if it were absolute truth and accepted as more authoritative than any Biblical account of anything, including the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to read both books but you really need a foundation in both the removal of northern Israel from 737 to 722 BC to Assyria-Persia and the Diaspora of the Jews after 70 AD. You also need to know some of the secular history lying behind and following the awful and terrible events in Judges 20, when the tribe of Benjamin was nearly annihilated (ultimately for the Benjamites' defense of the worship of Baal) and they fled in large numbers to the area of Sparta and settled among the Danites who were already there. (History shows that these Danites were interrelated to the Spartans in the wars of Trojans and the Spartans.)

     The Benjamites' subsequent migration to Europe is the basis for the claim of the Merovingians as being descendents of a royal line of Judah through intermarriage between the sons of a royal line of Benjamin and a daughter of a royal line of David. Remember there was dispute over David moving the capitol to Jerusalem as it was the territory of Benjamin and the FIRST king of Israel, Saul, was a Benjamite. This was the fountainhead of the Merovingian line followed by the cult that became the Priori who tried to keep this bloodline in position to retake their former position as the royalty of France after Charlemagne took it away from them. The protection of that line is a large part of the story behind these secrets of the Priori. The addition of the cult of the Knights Templar and Mary Magdalene is the other facet of this most unusual story. Out of it all came the romantic stories of the Knights of the Roundtable, King Arthur and the search for the “Holy Grail” depicted in all the legends and poems concerning this “Grail” thought by some to be an actual artifact such as the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper and extends to this secret held by the Priori of a real blood line of Jesus that is represented in the “real” and “rightful heirs” to the throne of France.

     I have treated Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The DaVinci Code as one and the same since the antichristian theme of The DaVinci Code is borrowed from the former, so much in fact, that the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail sued Dan Brown and the movie producers for plagiarizing. While I despise both books and the movie I will give credit where credit is due. The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln, do allude to some facts of history and science that are true and worthy of remembering but they portray the cultish religious beliefs of Rosacrucians and the Templars in a much finer light than they deserve. That is true for the Priori de Sion as portrayed in both books.

     The Templars did hold, in secret, scientific knowledge that was worth holding onto during the days of a flat earth with an earth centered system society of the Vatican. Even in later years, Copernicus had to do his teaching of the true celestial sphere and laws in secret in his days. This was long after the Templars, but the Templars knew of these matters from pre-Ptolemy days, and that information was heresy to the Vatican. The Templars held onto these matters of science, as they also held onto their masterful ability to work with stone masonry. They did mix in a lot of their superstitions about Mary Magdalene at the same time. Thus, at the same time we got the concept of a prime meridian that at one time went through Paris, then through Rosalin, Edinburgh, Scotland, and now through Greenwich, England, we also got their superstitions about the mother goddess, Mary worship (Mary Magdalene in this case depicted by the symbol of a rose) by the use of the "Rose point" on a compass and the "Rose line" for the prime meridian.

     That knowledge of the meridians and how to find where you were on the oceans by celestial navigation was put to use by Christopher Columbus in his voyage to America as well as the great voyagers who came after him, including Vasco de Gama. Both sailed under the flag emblazoned with the Red Cross of the Knights of Christ, a remnant of the Templars who found refuge in Portugal after the attempted genocide by King Phillipe of France and Pope Clement V on Friday 13, October, 1307. Columbus's father-in-law was a Knight of Christ and had charts and diaries that Columbus used for navigation to the New World. In Scotland the Templars found refuge with the Masons and became the new order, the Scottish Rite. Their scientific savvy is probably why Newton was drawn to them enough to become a headmaster. But Newton was pretty devoutly religious...or was he? The story differs according to who you read. He was definitely interested in the unknowns and spent a great amount of time studying the Great Pyramid, the Temple of Solomon and laws of “nature”. Although he attended Trinity College, he also was sympathetic toward the Arian concept of Jesus Christ and to that degree was in agreement with some of the dogma of the Priori.

     Preservation of certain scientific knowledge did require some secrecy in those times. Even Galileo had to soft pedal his orbital theories to get along with the Vatican. It is too bad that most scientists, who are so smart about their field, do not give proper attention to the need to be scholarly about the religious field...and vice versa. It would benefit literature if religious scholars would defer to scientists on purely scientific matters. Likewise, researchers of history and science often will treat the Scriptures with contempt as they attempt to prove some hare-brained historical or scientific point concerning the past. The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The DaVinci Code did not spend five minutes seriously researching the Bible and Gospels that they trashed, yet spent years researching their history, their traditions, myths and fables to verify the ones that could be verified. I also read material from religious scholars who have their Bible down pat, but spout off about science without having any credentials whatsoever. They just discount facts of science without even studying them. Such an approach discredits those scholars in my view.

     The DaVinci Code is not as informative as was Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The latter at least was well researched on the medieval historical facts and was interesting from that standpoint. It (HBHG) also was factual about the Knights Templar, their strange cultish activities involving the worship of relics of Mary Magdalene and their eventual persecution and near eradication by Holy Roman Emperor Phillipe in the 14th century. Holy Blood, Holy Grail made the connection between the Templars and the Freemasons and gave the list of the Grandmasters of the Priori de Sion (ORDER OF ZION) who included such people as Victor Hugo, Isaac Newton, DaVinci, Robert Boyle and a large group of others who you would not know unless you read Holy Blood, Holy Grail. They, mostly all, have some connection to the Merovingian line or else were men who enjoyed the benefits of having contacts in some of the high places that this secret order had occupied at the time. Many of these masters were learned men, caught up in the Renaissance "enlightenment" and probably found this cult easier to understand than the difficult ideas associated with following Jesus Christ. Many scientists today have the same problem when dealing with abstract ideas such as the resurrection, and the idea of a transcendent God in general, particularly one who appeared in the form of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

     This concludes this two-part series and I hope that it will have helped you with some information that you might have found difficult to assemble in the short time we have as this movie attracts the attention of the masses. It should not affect Primitive Baptists in this era of "knowledge" with so much information available but I have determined that the abundance of informa tion has only confused many. So much of the information is just outright lies and much of the rest tainted by various prejudices. I have tried to sift through the information to get a Primitive Baptist perspective on the matter. We are not alone. There are many others within other religious orders who are trying to resist the assault on orthodox belief.

     I have given you the series on the resurrection and will complete that in coming months. That will help clear up the charges made by Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The DaVinci Code concerning the Gospels and the resurrection and the many false statements made about Jesus Christ, the disciples and others who made up the earliest Christian Church. If you can defend the resurrection, you can stand up against the diatribe of both books.