The Mountain of God (KINGDOM II)
By Elder Clem E. Cook

When Moses exiled himself in the land of Midian [the descendants of Abraham and Keturah], he married one of the daughters of the priest of Midian, and tended the flock of his father-in-law. While tending the flock he was in the back side of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, to Horeb, [Horeb is the name for the Sinaitic mountains.] This is the place where God spoke to him out of the burning bush. Telling him that he would serve God upon this mountain; when he had brought the people out of Egypt.

It was this mountain that Moses was sent to, with the elders, to the rock which watered his congregation of Israel; it is also where God called Moses up for forty days and forty nights, and gave him the commandments that he was to teach Israel. And it was there that Moses received the instructions to build the sanctuary; the tabernacle for the congregation, and set it up away from the encampment. And a cloudy pillar ascended, and stood at the door, and the Lord talked to Moses; promising him that his presence would go with him, and would separate him and all the Israelites from all the people that were upon the face of the earth. Thus showing them that they were the elect nation of God on earth.

It was also there, that God said Moses could stand on a rock, and when God, in all His glory, passed by, He would put him in the cleft of the rock so that Moses was able to look upon the back parts of God; no man being allowed to look upon His face. This was the place where God made the covenant, that He had not made with Abraham and Isaac; this covenant was made with the nation of Israel at the mountain of God [This being the law covenant. The law covenant required all Israelites to maintain their relationship with their Lord God.]

The Hebrew word "Choreb"; which is defined as desolate, was translated as Horeb; describing mount Sinai, and the desert thereof. It was an evil place, where nothing would grow, and there was no water to sustain man­ or beast. Therefore the Israelites caded Moses for water, for this was not the mountain that Moses and the children of Israel sang about the day they were saved out of Egypt; saying, "Thou shalt bring them in, and plant them in the mountain of thine inheritance, in the place, O Lord, which thou hast made for thee to dwell in, in the Sanctuary, O Lord, which thy hands have established."

Although the people had no place for refuge in this hostile environment, God commanded them to make Him a sanctuary, that he may dwell among them within the tabernacle. And as long as they look to Him for substance he would provide their needs. This tabernacle was a type of that which was to be in the spiritual kingdom of God; here on earth; a place that God would dwell with His elect, and provide all their needs.

The rock from which the water came is spoken, as being the Spiritual Rock which followed Israel; being a type of Jesus Christ who gives the living water; that water which sustains the Spirit life; the gospel.

Also the cleft in which Moses was protected from shows another type of Christ, who protects us from the wrath of God, and the condemnation of the Law. For from Mount Sinai; we can see the evil jealousy of God's wrath which would have caused him to destroy all Israel; except for Moses' interceding. Therein God is seen as fire, and smoke, and causing the earth to tremble in his anger. [The same can be seen when Christ cried with a loud voice, yielding up the ghost. For he had met the demands of our God in the restoration.]

This mountain, which represented the bondage of the law, was not one to be desired, but one to be feared; a place of desolation, and there was nothing there that would give life or support it. Yet, even this day the children of God seem bent on returning to that mountain of the law, and if it were possible to an eternal damnation before God. This mountain was not one of those in the promised land, Canaan.

But it did represent the law which was to govern the nation of Israel when they occupied that promised land. As written in the allegory, that Sinai answered unto Jerusalem; Jerusalem being the type for God's kingdom here on earth; the tabernacle of God.

By Elder Clem E. Cook ... Article from The Banner of Love

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The Mountain of God (KINGDOM II)