It is again the time of year which we refer to as the “holiday season.” With Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas and New Year’s, we go through this annual time of what is known as festival and joyous.

We have so much to be thankful for, and we have primarily only one to thank. We need to constantly remind ourselves of the importance of thanking the Lord, especially during this time period.

We are told by the documentations of our nation that this festival time also is a time of major stress to many people. People want to enjoy the holidays, but they many times remain quiet about their fears. The holiday period to many is a stormy period, whether or not others are aware. It seems that many of us quietly worry through this season about a variety of personal things.

While we remain relatively calm and happy on the surface to our family and friends, it seems there are many of us who harbor fears of rising storms. It may relate to our families, our finances, our work or our church. We are told by the experts that the holiday season is a period of tremendous stress for many people who allow numerous personal problems to cause us to worry, or worse, to unconsciously take our fears our on those we love the most.

Jesus has taught us a lesson in this regard as we face the variety of “raging storms” in our personal lives. The lesson was one He taught His disciples upon a boat in the sea.

The lesson is related to us in three of the gospels and is a well-known Bible story; but it bears repeating and focusing as we enter the holiday season. It is told in Matthew 8:23-27, in Mark 4:35-41 and in Luke 8:22-25.

Jesus’ disciples boarded a boat with Him and headed out across the sea. During the trip, Jesus lay down and went to sleep. During His sleep, “there arose a great tempest in the sea,, insomuch that the ship was covered with waves...”

The three gospels tell us the storm was great with high winds and waves beating against the ship. The disciples, witnessing the great storm, were afraid for their lives, awoke Jesus, and asked for His help lest they all should perish.

"He arose, and rebuked the wind and said unto the sea, Peace be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm."

Jesus then spoke to His disciples: “Why are ye fearful, 0 ye of little, faith?”

We need to review this story quite often as we go through our lives. We face storms daily in our lives (or what we perceive are storms) and our first thought is that everything is going to pot and that we might perish.

What. we should do is turn to the Lord and request His help and guidance. Whether or not we see immediate physical evidence of the storm disappearing, we can feel a sense of security that only asking the Lord’s help can provide. When he chooses to tackle a storm head on, we see immediately results of the wind is stopped and the sea calmed in our own minds first, and that is the most important;

By turning to the right source for relief of mental stress, it seems the winds and the seas manage to get calmed if we are patient and allow the Lord to handle it in His manner.

It is our little faith that causes us fear in the storms of life.

Banner of Love
November 1991
Volume 58 Number 11

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