From: Advocate and Messenger, Feb 1924

The nominal professor, the superficial Christian goes to church for entertainment, --they demand of "their church" that it entertain as does the world. Very little religion, --a great deal of show; --very little truth, --a great deal of error; very little reality, --a great deal of profession is what they want. But not so with the real Christian. Such a one goes to church -- not to be entertained, but to worship. They who worship must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Here is a case in point:--For seventeen years the writer has had the care of churches in Virginia. When he first began this service Sister Lucy G. Brumback's membership was at one of these churches. It is still there. She was deaf then, she is still deaf. And during all these years she has not heard a word of the sermons nor the singing of a hymn. Does she stay away because she cannot hear? Never. She is always present unless providentially hindered. Possibly she is the most faithful, and unselfish, and zealous, and loving Baptist among our churches in Northern Virginia. One time she was asked--(by writing)--"Why do you want to go to church? You cannot hear." She replied: --"Surely, my dear friend, you do not understand the goodness and mercy of God. My blessed Lord is so good to me. I can still see. And we are not told that we may forsake the assembling of ourselves together if we cannot hear. I want to serve and praise God all I can because I love to do so, and because of what I hope He has done for me, a poor sinner." Another case in point I once read of. It was the case of an old man, deaf and blind. The pastor ventured one day to ask him why he came to church every Sunday. He could not hear the sermon nor see his friends. His reply shows the richness of His Christian life. "I come to worship," said he. Then, he continued, "I am commanded to come; we must not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. This is my church and the appointed hour of worship." Then he raised his feeble body erect and said: "I can no longer enter actively into my church life, but I have thought that my presence in church would be an influence that my life might continue in the right way." Such are real Christians, and attend church to worship. How is it with you? The demand of the times that we should make our service a sort of cheap place of entertainment should be given a deaf ear.

by Elder R. H. Pittman

Submitted by Elder David Montgomery

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