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Matthew 10:42 -
And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.


Some of My Experiences and Blessings of God
by Elder Berwyn Hand

concluded from February 2001

When I was in the foxholes, in the Pacific, when my twin brother fell by the side, when I lost my friends over there, when I went to battle thinking I'd never come out that time, I'd pull that little piece of paper out of my pocket, that my mother wrote and handed to me when I got on the bus, to go overseas. She said, "Remember, son, a mother's love can't be measured." That's pretty effective, isn't it? That came from carnality. The Spirit of God in mother gave me that. That wasn't as pure as what I'm trying to describe to you.

I'm trying to tell you that pure love of God, the prettiest known form of God, where Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is, where He ascended on high. Where He left captivity captive, He captured you. He captured each one of you, and each one of you have talent. You must carry it to the Church of the living God. If God sends you a gift, be faithful to that gift. Be faithful to yourself and one another.

What a beautiful thing it is to see you here this morning. It's because God has drawn you here, through the pure river of water of love, water of life. Sitting on the throne of God where Jesus Christ, the Son of God sits; He's seated there. He's the sacrificial offering. He was seated there, to prove to the world and give God the answer to all the sacrifices that were ever made. That one sacrificial offering, one perfect offering God accepted for every sin, for everybody.

That was hinting the eternal covenant of God that was made before the foundation of the world, and was accepted. That's where he's seated on the right hand of God.

I want to tell you about another office He has. A sacrificial office, which our high priest had, when he sat down, but he has another one. When Steven was being stoned to death, we see another office Jesus Christ has. As Steven was begging for mercy for the ones who were stoning him to death, he was in the love. And that perfect love was proceeding out of the throne of God. As he was praying to God, forgive them for they don't know what they're doing; forgive them for their actions. Jesus Christ stood up.

He's not just in that sacrificial office, He's your mediator. He answers your prayers. He loves you. He leads you. And that love that's proceeding out of the throne of God, I haven't touched what I wanted to get to. I wanted to get to the fruit of the Spirit, and the tree of life. But, it's not expedient that I go any longer. This has been a happy day of my life. I hope I have taught you something, and left you something for your faith, to give you confidence to continue on in this little beautiful quiet habitation.

Get up in the morning, pray to God and thank Him for the things you've been given, and thank Him for leading you, from time to time, out of this awful mess of this old natural life, and leading into the spirit of God. Jesus Christ says, He's in you...you're in Him. We're in Him, and He's in us. He knows all about us, and thanks be to God, He knows all about God's attributes.

When God said, Forgive them, forgive them. I died, forgive them. I died for them That is the love I'm talking about, proceeding out of God's throne, now. Awhile ago, it was out of the sanctuary. When I first knew God, in a foxhole, in west Texas, I was striving. When I found the answer to that little radio message, I saw the love of God. Thanks be to God for that.

Thank you, this morning, for your kind attention. Please come to see us at Carlsbad and El Paso. Pray for me and follow Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Article from The Banner of Love


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