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Acts 14:17 -
Nevertheless he left not himself without witness, in that he did good, and gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness.


By Elder Berwyn Hand

This is July 23 in the year of our Lord, 2000. Service being held with the Andrews, Texas Primitive Baptist Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless.

I thought this morning I'd talk to you a little bit, if the Lord would bless me, concerning some of my experiences and some of the blessings that God has granted me, and has led me by the Holy Spirit through the days of my life. First, we would like to read, a couple of scriptures here that I thought would be appropriate... "and the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom he had formed." Now, let's go to the 7th verse. ..."And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground. These west Texas people ought to understand something about that nuisance .. that dust ..."And breathed into his nostrils, the breath of life, and man became a living soul."

There's a lot to that. And what I wanted out of that, was "The Lord God breathed into his nostrils...the breath of life. That most wonderful and beautiful third person in the Trinity. The breath of God is formed to that, in the power and the essence of stimulating each one of us, but more important, He also breathed into your nostrils, the breath of life, when He created you...when you were created.

Then, we get to the new creation .. that was a natural breath. But, with His providence and His mighty power, and purpose, and because of the fall of depravity of the first man, [and we all inherited that]. He passes by us, dead in trespasses and sin, found us, as Ezekiel said, [or as it Jeremiah?], polluted in our own blood, and he spake and said, "live". And, what I like about that most of all, is that he said because it was a time of love. Oh, brothers and sisters, 'is a time of love. It was a time of love. It is a time of love. Oh, how God loved you and me, if I'm to be one of His...called one of his.

Even before the world began, how He loved us and His purpose. If it wasn't for that love, you sons of Jacob, would never have been. Of course, that transfers from Jacob, which is the natural representative of God's nature, in man, to spiritual Israel

I want to talk a little bit about a couple of experiences. I want to brag on a fellow I know of...Not only Jesus Christ, the Son of God, but, one of His called servants. I recall, when I was a young man, sometime in the forties, when I came over here, of course, and He established this Church and that as a beautiful thing , but that was in my answering not to an effectual call, but to a call to duty. And, God called each one of His children to duty. We ought to remember that.

And, that duty is the most magnificent and sweetest thing the you can get into. 'Might relieve you from your duties when you discharge that duty, that responsibility, to Him. Not only that, but it helps prosper your friends, your neighbors and your family, and your churches, when you answer that call. That's the call of the gospel call. But, that effectual call comes before then, and that is when you're regenerated.

One of his servants was preaching over the radio, back then at Midland, Texas. Back at that time, word was going around in New Mexico and places, about being prince to the power of the air, and you better get him off that radio. How naive can you be? Well, through listening to that man on the radio, I'd slip up of a morning, get close as I could get to the voice and put the radio antennae over the screen and I never will forget it.

This is an experience of grace. And you each have one and you should thank God for it. It would come through there and the spirit of God was very present. Every Sunday morning, I'd slip in there, while everybody was asleep, and I'd turn that radio on and listen to Brother J. P. Dale preach. He and Brother Howze used to stir up my pure mind. I had a pure mind. You have a pure mind, according to Peter, if you've been regenerated and I'm sure you have been, or you wouldn't be here, because the drawing power of God calls you here and draws you here, to follow the leadership of the spirit. And as he began to preach , that morning, he took a parallel of a text I want to talk to you about, this morning.

You'll find it in the 47th chapter of Ezekiel. It's concerning the love of God, comparing it to a river...water of life. Afterwards, it brought me, again, to the door of the house. The whole waters issued out from under the threshold of the house, eastward. For the forefront of the house stood toward the east and the waters were down from under the right side of the house, at the south side of the altar.

Doesn't that describe the Church of the living God, the pillar ground of the truth? Does that not give you some indication of the value of the Church of the living God and the visible kingdom of God, and the power of the gospel, and the power of almighty God? To the third person in the Trinity, to stir up your pure mind, not only to draw you to the Church of the living God, but you might be faithful to Him, that you might pick up your cross and follow Him.

I listened to Brother Dale preach, then, and I have preached on it several times, since then, but, I want to tell you, I can never make it sound as good as it did to me that morning. After this fellow was brought forward and lifted up and saw the house, he said the man came with a measuring line. If I could describe that line to you, this morning, how, with his purpose, that He measures the depths of your heart, that he measures you, according to a just person, because you're made justified in the eyes of God. He never sees your carnal mind. He never sees your carnalities.

When God of mercy brings love to your heart, and He sees you, and that love begins to come out from under the threshold of the door of the church of the living God. That's a moment of time that's a time of love. It's a time that makes you lay down everything that you have of carnalities, desires and purposes of natural life, and turn to worship your God, as you have, this morning, in such a nice and obedient way. May God bless you for that. He will bless you.

If I could just encourage you, I'd do that. But, he said he measured. The waters issued out from under the door of the Church. The love of God issued out, it said, on the east side, the west side, north side, but he said the waters issued out to the ankles. That's a novice. That's an early child of God, born from above, seeking and desiring more knowledge, more truths, more meat of the coconut.

As he learns from reading the scriptures, as he learns from his everyday experiences, and as he learns, most of all, from the brothers and sisters of the Holy congregation of the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth, along with the sound of the gospel, which God almighty purposed, to comfort and edify, and to lead you on forward, to the day of rejoicing. He said he measured it, again, and the waters were to the knees.

He began to wade out into the promises of God and to exercise his gift, his responsibilities and him being a tree, a fruit of life, given life, that he began to prosper and grow in grace. He said he turned, again and he measured a third time. Now, remember that he's looking at that Holy Church of God. The building may not be Holy, but God's purpose is that we keep it Holy and sanctified and pure from the world. I respect the church and the Holy worship place of our God. No, I don't respect the house, but I respect it while we're holding services in it. And, it's a sin not to.

What did He tell Moses... take off thy feet, because the ground that you're on is holy ground. He was talking to Moses, in the fire, of the burning bush... another experience that teaches you and draws you to the sanctification and the Holiness of the living God. What is being sanctified, separated from sin? There are several different types of sanctification, just like there are in baptism in the faith. There's the sanctification that God did for you, in the eternal covenant before the foundation of the world.

He sanctified you when He chose you out from among the others, in His purpose. When the blood of Jesus Christ was applied to your heart He sanctified you. He separated your self in a purified part. In the eyes of God, you're pure. That's the sanctification of the blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, when the wind blew, when the Holy Spirit came down and regenerated you, and called you up, from a death in sin, to a life in Christ Jesus, in that purpose and purified you, you were sanctified. You were separated from the old world.

Now, there's still a natural man, there. There's still a warfare going on. Are you following God's purpose and growing in grace, this morning? I've been proclaiming the gospel, now, for forty years, and I'm still trying to sanctify this old man, here. I know my God has sanctified me in the eyes God in all the fulfilling laws, and I'm just in the eyes of God Almighty, if I'm a child of God, and sometimes, I doubt it. This man measured, again and it was to the waistline. The love of God is going to comfort you. It's going to draw you. You're in love, now.

He said he measured one more time. He measured the waters coming out from under the threshold of the house of God, the love pouring out, proceeding out of the house of God. He said it was a river, a river to swim in. He didn't say to drown in, but, to swim in. What a beautiful thing it was, to me, that morning, and still is.

As I see each one of you and your eyes are for the purpose of and attention of God, and the holiness of God, and the desire to worship Him and to fulfill His purpose in your calling, in this time world, how anxious and enthused you are that you might find your place in the Church of God, and in the river that flows there, that will do to swim in, and the love of God pouring.

Article from The Banner of Love


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