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Job 37:9 -
Out of the south cometh the whirlwind: and cold out of the north.


By Elder Berwyn Hand

Continued from December 2000

I want to get back to sanctification, the purpose of God, in purifying you. He did it in the regeneration...you're sanctified, you're separated, from the world, you are bound for heaven, through the blood of Jesus Christ. Glory to God for that. He also cleanses your mind and your spirit and your body, when you're worshipping and honoring him. But that's an addition. We are a two-fold person. We still have an inheritance from the first man, created from the dust of the world, and these old bodies are still there. This old natural man is there.

It was misrepresented by this man he formed from earth and breathed into his nostril the breath of life. That man is a burden and is to be carried the rest of the days of our lives. How sweet it seems, to me, sometimes, when my God tells me, through the word of God, that my God will return and call us... what is it Job says, when he said, I'm waiting for my call in heaven... I'll wait till my change shall come. That's when the change is going to come. It's not talking about regenerating power that I've talked about.

It's talking about that old body, that sinful body, that's ever a warfare that we carry with us this day. The one I carried with me, when I got up and left my home, this morning. Yes, the burdens of it answering the call to my God to be able to come and rejoice in the God of mercy and independence of the Church of the living God and proclaim the truths to my friends and neighbors, especially to the Church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. But, we're going to have that to carry. When my change shall come, and it will come. That just ended the resurrection. That's when you get into the river that you can swim in... the river of life. When my change shall come. Thou shall call and I will answer. He's talking about the person, the natural man.

The Holy Spirit of God had descended to God, when he died. If I could just separate from you, for just a little bit. The minute that breath of life came out of that body he died. When you pass this world, when that body breathes its last breath, what happens? The soul goes back to God as He gave it. We're talking about resurrection, now. The soul never was, never will be resurrected, it's in heaven and immortal glory.

The minute we separate from our body, when you're talking about the resurrection, and your body shall change, it's talking about the body. It's talking about the carnality change. If the body is sown in corruption, it, the body, is raised in corruption. Do you not see the preciousness of the water flowing, now? Have you not grown in grace, when you can see the difference in the body that's been in agony and pain to you all your life; caused you to say things you should have never said to one another; caused you to think things that should have never been; caused you to commit adultery and murder. No, I've never done it, visibly, but, if I've ever thought it in my mind...do you think that you're better than ol' David was? David, my friend and neighbor, did both of these things, but what did he do, later on, in a time of love? When God passed by and found him in that condition, he was already a child of God. What did he do?

First Psalms, he prayed God to restore the joy of His salvation. How I've begged for that ever since I knelt by the old radio, there, and heard that man preaching the everlasting gospel. How many times have I fallen from grace? Somebody said you can't fall from grace. You certainly can. No, not from an eternal standpoint, no way...a thousand times no. You're already in grace after you've been re-generated. No, He'll never lose a one of them.

Article from The Banner of Love


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