By Elder J. A. Rowell, Sr.

In the covert of hope we have a hiding place from the storms and tempests of life, knowing that though the rain falls today yet tomorrow the sun will shine again and in the meanwhile the blessed rainbow of hope lends her radiance as a beacon light to the weary soul, that the battle will soon be over and the victory won. In all of life's tribulations and sorrows, this hiding place of hope gives rest for the weary and strength for the weak and the engulfed by time's gloomy night, yet hope will light the way. Soon dark clouds will vanish and soon the trials will be over. In the meanwhile, little one, hide under the shadow of God's wing.

The sure promises of God is a hiding place, for He who made the promise is immutable. He will not change. The Bible is filled with glorious promises of His children. We can hide ourselves in the shadows of those promises, even as a shadow of a great rock in a weary land, the promise of a Saviour, of a mediator, of a perfect offering for our sins, a promise of another life after all of this weary life is over. For Christ and His love is our hiding place.

There is another hiding place for any works of man would not hide him from his sins. This is proved by the sin offering of the Jew, which was made day after day and could never take away their sins, but now Christ, the one perfect offering for our sins has perfected forever those who are sanctified and hidden under the shadow of His wing, safe from all dangers and fear, safe in the knowledge of His everlasting love; which love has inspired our love toward him, and love of God is sweet evidence that we are born of God. His love hides the sinner from his sins, for blessed is the man whose sins are covered. What a serene feeling of being in a hiding place for the little convert, being led into the water, and then buried with him in baptism, an experience never again to be repeated; also at the communion and while washing some saints feet hidden from every exalted thought, we see Jesus as our Saviour and then love reigns supreme.

After being in our hiding place with the Lord we leave with a greater zeal, an inspired heart, undaunted spirit, renewed courage, a living faith and a brighter hope. Every child of grace need to frequently in prayer and in worship to resort to this hiding place then we can say with David, "Thou art my hiding place."

I call to memory, when I was a child, I would sometimes steal away to a little grove of trees, over in the field and there hide away and try to pray; the spot took on a sacredness to me as I grew older, for it seemed that this grove hidden from all, I could pour out my heart to the Lord and He would hear.

Sure, I was just a little boy, confused with growing up and being afraid to tell my thoughts to other people; but here in my secret hiding place I thought I was talking with someone who would surely understand and who would never laugh at my foolish requests. Later, after I grew up and moved into this large city I found that my hiding place was not gone, for in the heart which prays. We find Jesus who is our hiding place. How long since I have been there? Do I neglect my prayer life?

As Isaiah said that a man shall be a hiding place. We know he was talking of Jesus, and every child of bliss has a welcome, for he has said,"Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest."

Elder J. A. Rowell, Sr

The Banner of Love, October, 1961

ELDER J. A. ROWELL, JR. ... Article from The Banner of Love

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