Elder James H. Oliphant

Life Is Short—Be Kind and Faithful

As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.”—Gal. vi. 10.

We are sometimes discouraged as we see truth and right on crutches, and sin on wings, but we look forward to a time when it will be otherwise. We hope one day to see truth triumph; we believe, in due season, we shall reap if we faint not. We look to a time of harvest when the Lord will own and bless his faithful servants. We should therefore, as we have opportunity, “do good unto all men” and evil to none.

As we have opportunity.” I have known some who on their deathbed re­gretted that they had failed to do their duty, and felt that they had let the opportunity go by. We have opportunity now to set good examples to others, especially our families. Let us then, do so.

The time of our own death and that of our kindred—our companions in life, our children, neighbors, and especially our brethren and sisters, is not distant. Let us do good to them while we have oppor­tunity. These words are full of meaning, and deserve prayerful reading and earnest obedience. We should seek to set our house in order; and, when all these oppor­tunities are gone, it will be so good to have no regrets. It is sad to feel in death that you have neglected the church and failed to be loyal to it; or that you have failed to be kind and loving in your families; that you have devoted your time and energies to the wrong end, and so wasted the golden opportunities. Brethren in the ministry should love each other, and employ their high office to do good and encourage others to do so. They have trials by the way and burdens that are common to them, and they need to love each other and seek each other’s comfort.

How soon will our work on earth be done? A whole life is “but a moment,” “a span,” “a vapor,” as God sees things. How wrong to misspend that moment! Let us all be persuaded to be faithful in our lives to the most precious cause of Christ, and in our homes, and in all we do—poor, weak things we are, so easy to get wrong, and often so hard to get right.

Let us try to live near him, upon whom we are dependent for time and eternity.

Messenger of Peace—July 1910

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Life is Short | Elder James H. Oliphant